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SavannaStone® Architectural Cast Stone

Harvey Cement Products has the capability to produce virtually any custom profile that falls within typical masonry work guidelines. Arches, quoins,
dentils, medallions, banding, sills, coping, headers and more are all fabricated in-house. Our project managers can assist you with profile details, shop drawings, cost analysis, and value engineering to ensure that you achieve a unique look that fits your budget.

Standard Profiles

SavannaStone® Standard Profiles

Standard Profiles - 3 5/8" smooth and rockface, and standard sills.

Stock Mold Profiles

SavannaStone® Smooth Rectangular

Rectangular smooth profiles provide cast stone pieces for field, bands, and flat coping (when used horizontally).

SavannaStone® Textured Rectangular

Rockface profiles with inside and outside returns (available for 8" high)

SavannaStone® Chamfered Profiles

Chamfered profiles in various thickness and heights, used as sills, bands, transition bands, or inverted for use as cornice.

SavannaStone® Sill

Profiles with a wash and no flat, usually used for sills, or turned
90° to use as cornice.

SavannaStone® Single Pitch Coping

Single pitch coping with left and right returns available on some profiles.

SavannaStone® Double Pitch Coping

Double pitched coping with left, right, and end returns available on some profiles.

SavannaStone® Chamfered Coping

Flat coping with chamfered edges. Left, right, and end returns available on some profiles.

SavannaStone® Cornices

Cornices with left and right returns available.

SavannaStone® Specialty Profiles

Cast stone "brick", caps, bullnose and stepped bands.

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