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SavannaStone® Slate Texture on 4x4x24s and 4x8x24s - Profile Details

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SavannaStone® Cast Stone

Our dry tamp process creates a smoother finish with less color variation than other processes. With it's high compressive strength, and low water aborption, it's the perfect choice for new construction, renovation, or restoration. Available in custom or stock profiles and sizes.

Turlington Structural Brick

Turlington Structural Brick is an alternative to clay masonry units. It is a cement brick with a blend of three colors with an optional dark flash, which truly achieves a clay brick look. Our thru-wall units allow for a finished surface on the interior and exterior of the wall, optimizing value engineering to meet any budget considerations.

SavannaStone's resistance to moisture makes it the perfect choice for above or below grade installations.

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Product specifications, test results LEED information and more, in pdf format to view, or download.

Concrete Masonry Units

Our state-of-the-art ergonomic center web grip design moves a high percentage of exerted pressure from the mason's fingertips to the upper hand and forearm. This provides an easier overall lifting experience which can lead to faster production, less repetitive strain injuries, and more accurate CMU placement.